GREEK MUSIC BOX LLC was founded in the state of Maryland on July 31st 2017 by Emmanuil Kamos-as the President and Gavriil-Evangelos Karakatsanis as the Vice President. 

The company's goal is to provide a wide range of diverse musical video clips and shows to all Greeks across the planet through the Greek Music Box TV Channel . Based on statistics the world's Greek population outside Greece ranges between 6.0-6.5 million of which 50% live in the US and Canada, 20% in Australia and 20% in Europe.Greek music continues to have a high demand among these areas but availability is always limited through social media . Greek Music Box live TV channel is here to provide all types of Greek music(classic, contemporary, folk,traditional,Byzantine) and the history of it's origin with a variety of live TV shows through cable networks worldwide. 

Greek Music Box is here to make the difference as the first Global television channel - live streaming and video on demand platform to entertain Greeks anytime anywhere. So , everyone out there.. stay tuned!.  


333 Drew St.

Baltimore MD 21224, USA